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Product description

It is manufactured by suspension polymerization. PVC S58 has following properties that make it
suitable for rigid PVC applications:

  • Low content of fines (Easy handling and conveying)
  • Narrow particle size distribution (Easy processing)
  • Moderate melt viscosity (Easy processing even in injection molding)
  • High tensile properties (Good end product performance)

Processing & Applications

PVC S58 is designed to give an easy processing product for rigid applications since it has low melt viscosity. It is mainly designed for injection molding and thin wall extrusion products but can be easily used for other applications such as foamed rigid sheets….

  • Injection molding: Rigid articles like pipe fittings
  • Extrusion: Rigid compact and foamed sheets and films
  • Calendaring: Rigid sheets and films

Typical Data

TYPICAL TEST Unit Specification Test method
K-Value - 58±1 ISO 1628‐2/
Bulk Density gr / lit 540~600 ISO 60/
Sieve Analysis >63 µm % 95~100 ISO 4610/
Sieve Analysis >250 µm % 0~1 ISO 4610/
Porosity ( plasticizer absorption ) % 14~20 ISO 4608/
Volatile Matter Wt % <0.3 ISO 1269/